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Token Details:

  • Contract address: 0xE5b57E6e1b945B91FEE368aC108d2ebCcA78Aa8F
  • Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Symbol: GOAL
  • Supply: Unlimited

Emission Rate:

  • 0.05 GOAL/Block;
  • 1440 GOAL/Day;
  • 10% will be sent to the developerโ€™s address for marketing, dev payout, and to fund future partnership & development (we inherited this model from Goose Finance).
  • We can adjust the emission rate, if necessary, but the GOAL generated per block will never exceed 0.5 GOAL/Block.

Distribution (per block)

  • Farm/Pools: 0.045 GOAL/Block
  • Devs: 0.005 GOAL/Block

Transfer Slippage

  • Use 1,5%+ slippage to buy GOAL on PancakeSwap or other AMM.
  • The transaction will fail if the slippage is less than 1%
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