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About us

KSOC Sports is a cryptocurrency that emerged to revolutionize the process of commercial exchanges in sports industry, creating a virtual system where people from all over the world, from companies to agents and entrepreneurs will be able to participate in sports transactions.


KSOC is composed of a team of professionals from different backgrounds and originated in 2019 as a project that set out to revolutionize the sporting industry. In the context of the growth of crypto currencies, KSOC emerged as an ambitious and unique project. Unlike other digital currencies, the team contemplated a unique identity for KSOC, the base of its philosophy and functioning: a crypto currency that boosts fans’ passion while generating comprehensive revenue for everyone involved. With a team composed of experts in finance, technology and business in the world of sports, KSOC seeks to revolutionize the relationship between people and sports through tangible actions.


Revolutionizing sports in a competitive and technological world: that’s what we do at KSOC, the crypto currency that connects fans and clubs in a completely different way. We believe that passion can be a rational and intelligent decision. That’s why Smart Passion is our base. Through our crypto currency, fans don’t just show support for their club, they also contribute to its growth and take part in its decisions. With a sophisticated technological system and a team with financial experience, at KSOC we have built a sport fintech dedicated to users and sporting institutions, creating new bonds and growth opportunities for everyone involved. With everything from the improvement of physical infrastructure and the exchange of KSOCs for exclusive products, streamlining transactions, through taking part in the clubs’ solidary actions in their communities, KSOC combines the latest in technology with the sporting industry to provide fans with new ways to connect with their passion

Where we are

We are in the largest financial centers in the world.


Meet all of our Partners Clubs and Players on: www.ksocsports.com/partners



  • The art of taking anything of value or any asset and representing it's worth in a Digital form.
  • DeFi is one of the fastest growing sectors in cryptocurrencies.
KSOC Market
  • This is an investment tool based on the mechanics of the stock market but adapted for the Competition of Soccer.


Our Tokenization platform enables individuals and organizations to create a digital proof of ownership for real-world liquid assets such as capital or property. Once assets are tokenized, they can be used for transactions across the world, an alternative to the traditional methods. Through tokenization, investing is cheaper, faster, more secure and available every hour of the day. This opens up real-world assets and the world of cryptocurrencies to people who previously may not have been able to invest
What can be tokenized?
Real Estate | Construction | Commodities | Private Equity Shares | Physical Goods | Other Assets


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) takes that promise one step further and the next step in the revolution of the open finance movement. Short for decentralized finance, DeFi is an umbrella term for a variety of application projects in the public space of the blockchain aimed at disrupting the world of traditional finance and creating a completely peer-to-peer ecosystem. Decentralized financial services are based on smart contracts or dApps supported by blockchain technology which is automatically executed in agreements that do not need intermediaries such as an institution or a lawyer. The rise of DeFi is that the major players are getting involved or looking for ways to participate, but before them, here we are. In DeFi you can perform Yield Farming, which is the process of locking cryptocurrencies in exchange for a reward.

More about our current Defi project:

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KSOC Market

Based on the soccer season to define the stocks’ value, at the end of the season, KSOC Market allows you to buy and sell KSOC Coins without the shocks of a conventional market. With a dynamic and quantifiable system, and perfect traceability, you will always know your situation, you’ll know you can obtain KSOC Market from the beginning and you’ll be able to invest according to your own convenience. Choose between the pairs of proposed teams and invest your KSOC wisely.