Fanatics Finance
Yield Farms
Yield Farms allow users to earn GOAL while supporting Fanatics Finance by staking LP Tokens.
Check out our How to Use Farms guide to get started with farming.
Current Yield Farm Pairs:
  • GOAL-BUSD LP (32x Rewards)
  • GOAL-BNB LP (32x Rewards)
  • GOAL-USDT LP (10x Rewards)
  • GOAL-WKSOC (16x Rewards)
  • GOAL-ZEFI (12x Rewards)
  • GOAL-PSG (5x Rewards)
  • GOAL- ROMA (5x Rewards)
  • GOAL-JUVE (5x Rewards)
  • GOAL-ATH (5x Rewards)
  • BNB-BUSD (0,1X Rewards and 6% Fee)
To avoid the constant token creation with stable coins without any contribution, Fanatics Finance Yeld Farm uses GOAL in all pairs.
Note: To calculate the APR, we need to add BNB-BUSD pair. To don't cause impact in GOAL price, the multiplier is low and the fee is high.


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