Fanatics Finance

🏟️ Fanatics Finance

Fanatics is an exclusive DeFi for fan tokens
All football fanatics now have their place reserved in the DeFi gallery!

About the project

Fanatics Finance will integrate real Sports teams to DeFi. Teams will launch their fan tokens using our plataform to their Fanatics Fans.
Most of the Fanatics Finance ecosystem products are built to generate profit and we are actively exploring models to redistribute those profits among Fan Tokens, GOAL and wKSOC holders.

Our Products

We are working hard to build a healthy ecossystem to integrate Fanatics Fans and DeFi. We believe that with multiple burning mechanism we are able to create a very ambitious and long-term project.

​🚜 Yield Farms

Yield Farms allow users to earn GOAL while supporting Fanatics Finance by staking LP Tokens.

​🏆 Trophy Room (Coming Soon)

Trophy Pools are the simplest way to earn free tokens on Fanatics Finance. Stake GOAL, earn free tokens. It’s really that easy.
Some special pools let you stake other tokens besides GOAL, too!

​🥅 IFO (Initial Field Offering)

Buy Fan Tokens using GOAL-BNB LP tokens.

​🎨 NFT Profile System

Fanatics Finance supports personalized profiles for users. These profiles allow you to choose your own name, join a team, and choose from NFT profile images you've collected to use as your profile's display picture.

​🔮 Prediction (Cooming Soon)

A prediction system based in real soccer matches.

​🎰 Fanatics Bets (Coming Soon)

Every Fanatic loves Bets. Fanatics Bets is a new licensed bets plataform. Fanatics Bets will accept only GOAL, WKSOC and Fanatics Fan Tokens.

​🎫 Lottery

The Lottery game works as you'd expect a lottery to work. Users can purchase a ticket with their GOAL between draws. The ticket will give them one entry into the lottery. After the winning numbers are drawn, if your ticket's numbers match the drawn numbers, you'll win stacks of GOAL!


Fanatics Finance have more than 90 Teams supporting the project! We can build a big DeFi ecossystem to Sports fans around the world.
Fanatics Finance is powerd by KSOC.
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